HRM634 Week 6 Discussion

Applications, Interviews, and Reference Checks… Oh My!!
Unit Learning Outcomes

Assess practical significance of various ability tests. (6)
Appraise how ability tests can be more legally defensible. (6)
Assess practical significance of integrity tests. (6)
Assess practical significance of work sample tests. (7)
Appraise strategies to limit adverse impact in the interview process. (1)
Analyze legal implications of drug testing. (1)
Select when situational judgement tests should be used. (1)
Evaluate personality testing (6)
Recommend strategies for reducing disparate impact in selection predictors. (1)
Explain the importance of structured interviews vs. unstructured interviews (1)
Assess practical significance of application forms, bio-data, and reference checks (1)

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HRM634 Week 6 Discussion
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Answer BOTH of the discussion questions, and include at least 2 outside sources in your postings for full credit.
Discussion Questions

Select one of the selection assessments you recommend, and one you would not. Explain why you recommend it and what makes your choice more legally defensible.
Why do managers often prefer an unstructured interview to a structured interview? How would you convince the managers of the importance of implementing a structured interview?

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