HRM634 Week 4 Responses

Respond to at least 2 peers. Include at least 2 outside sources in your postings for full credit. 

Zakkiyya Kelly

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HRM634 Week 4 Responses
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What could a recruiter do to interest you in applying for a company you have never heard of before? What tactics/information would persuade you to apply?

          A job recruiter can interest someone in applying for a company, even if they are unfamiliar with the corporation through developing a recruitment message. Like a firm’s recruiters, image, and employer value proposition, the recruiting message communicated to potential applicants will affect the number and types of them who will apply (Phillips, 2020, p.257). In addition to communicating the nature of the job opportunity that the company is offering, the message can also create or reflect the company’s brand (Phillips, 2020, p.257). A good image as an employer can stir the rate of recruiting large pool of candidates, like branding attracts consumers in marketing (Sharif & Islam, 2017). This employment branding can attract and retain top class employees while ensuring organizational growth (Sharif & Islam, 2017). Millions of applicants apply everyday to jobs of which they have never heard of, or are listed for what type of field they are looking to work in. If the job is listed on a website, providing information about the company (i.e. when they were established, a little about how many locations they have, their mission, vision, and values, and how many employees they have) can help ease questions with working for an unknown company.

Danielle Chappell
 2. As a recruiter for a small organization, Annika’s aprons, you need to expand your recruitment efforts beyond your website and word of mouth. Which recruitment sources would you recommend for Annika to recruit for her 2 shops? Use justification for your choices.
I can understand why Annika would need to use additional recruitment methods other the website and word of mouth to help promote her 2 shops.  By using a job board and social media advertising might help to find candidates.  “Finding qualified candidates can sometimes be difficult.  By using recruiting software can help find a candidate within the database that can meet the necessary requirements. By posting open job positions on job board around the community and at colleges and universities allows the potential candidates to see what jobs are listed and attract a larger number of candidates.  Some job boards are free and can help build good rapport within the community. 
Social media can be used to attract job candidates.  By using social media sties, a person will be more open to job opportunities and they will have information about their skills and job history making it easier to find a good candidate.” (Top Echelon, 2020).  At the organization where I work, we use the job boards and social media to advertise our open job positions.  On the job board we can advertise to the community of jobs that are available for free.  By working with the employment office, colleges, and universities, and posting on the community job board.  We also use Facebook, LinkedIn and indeed to help advertise our open job positions.  In return this has helped us save a lot of money in the recruitment process.  Even though it does take some time to find a qualified candidate. 

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