Wk 3 – Signature Assignment: International Plastics, Inc. Network Diagram [due Mon]
Assignment Content

A network diagram provides a visual map of the IT operations for an organization. Not only does it display the current infrastructure, but the diagram also shows the connectivity for the entire infrastructure. Now that you’ve analyzed the current standards and protocols, it’s time to analyze the infrastructure and make updates to the diagrams.

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Review the existing International Plastics network diagrams:

Update each of the four location diagrams with recommendations for IT infrastructure improvements using Microsoft® Visio® or Word.
Explain the choices made for each diagram.
Summarize the risks to the current network.
Provide recommendations for mitigating risks.
Submit 3-4 page paper with diagrams included in the same file.

Include at least 3 academic references.

Submit your assignment in Word format only. No zip files. If you want to include graphics, please add them in the same document as your paper. There should be only one file submitted for this assignment.


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