HLF 210

DB2: Developing Wellness Strategies – Smart Goals
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Students will read the assigned reading content for the week and complete a discussion board worth 30 points. Your original post is due on  Thursday (150 words) worth 15 points. Then respond to one peer post by Friday (150-words) that provides feedback or a counterpoint with supporting reference (minimum 1-reference) 15 points. Total assignment 30 points total.
Discussion Board 2: 
Last week you wrote about wellness challenges, this week you are developing wellness strategies.
Begin by reviewing all overview content and the Padlet Knowlege Hub from Week 1: Chapter 1 for methods that support the following:

Strategies you current are employing 
Strategies you would like to develop
Recurring obstacles (I.e. missed workouts, staying up late, unhealthy food options) 
Ideas that work with lifestyle

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Then write 4 SMART goals, that identify your obstacles, and provide 3-methods to address each challenge.  Students can create a workflow chart or table to simplify their planning process. 
Respond in a 150-word post, then respond to a 1-peers post, be positive, offer resources, or share similar interests.  
Course Grading Rubric 

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