Video: Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix | Tasha Eurich | TEDxMileHigh – YouTube 
Part 1: Complete the HEXACO – PI – R,  found at: http://hexaco.org/hexaco-online (Links to an external site.). Take note of your personality traits in relationship with the OCEAN (Five Factor Model) model discussed in Chapter 6 of the course textbook.
Part 2: In the TEDxMileHigh presentation, Tasha Eurich shares the results of her research on self-awareness.

Based on Eurich’s recommendations in the video, what are the potential benefits related to increasing your self-awareness? What are some potential challenges with increasing your self-awareness? 
How might psychometric assessments, like the HEXACO – PI – R inform your self-awareness and your future potential as a leader in hospitality and tourism?

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