1] Idenntify an agency in your community [INDIANAPOLIS] that provide health care services for children of all ages as: 

Immunization progress
Well-baby clinic
Day care centers 

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        A paper will have to be submitted outlining the following: 

 Name and Address of the facility
 The type of services they provide 
 The population they serve
 Provide a health education plan to explain to the services they provide .

2] Lab Assignment- Research PaperSelect an article in any nursing journal that relate to Pediatric nursing

 Include the summary of chosen topic, diagnosis treatment and medication
 Identify most significant point in relation to Pediatric Nursing
 Include personal reaction and its impact to Pediatric nursing

3]  Film Viewing— Movie of Choice  Related to Pediatrics      Submit a Reaction Paper which includes: 

Title of the movie
 Why this movie was chosen and
  Lessons learned

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