Healthcare Reform

Use the learning materials and additional resource readings from this week and reflect on whether you oppose or support the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consider the nursing professional’s position as a caregiver and/or the healthcare leader as an administrator. Explore two significant components of the ACA that could potentially impact specific populations unjustly. Appraise the current political climate as it relates to repealing and replacing the ACA. For this weeks’ discussion, identify at least two reasons for keeping the ACA and at least two reasons that it should be repealed, replaced, or revised. Provide rationale for each.

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Vaughan Prengaman, M., Welle, D. L., Ridenour, N., & Mueller, K. J. (2018). Diverse stakeholder perspectives on rural health care reform in a U.S. state that rejected the Affordable Care Act: A case study. Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Health Care, 18(2), 65–87. 
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