Growing Pains at Airbnb

Growing Pains at Airbnb.
Unit Learning Outcomes
· Select strategic recruitment sources. (4)
· Develop recruitment messages. (4)
Read Chapter 7 Exercises #4 Staffing Challenge: Improving the Job Candidate Experience at Airbnb on in your textbook.  Answer questions a.b.c.
This Chapter’s opening Staffing Challenge described Airbnb’s effort to improve its employer value proposition and the job candidate experience. Answer the following questions:
a. What metrics do you suggest Airbnb track to optimize its use of social media in sourcing talent?
b. What initiatives do you think have been the most effective in improving the candidate experience at Airbnb? Why?
c. How else can Airbnb improve its new hire diversity?
· Minimum length: one page per question response
· Address the problem, discuss relevance to topic, using outside sources as support
· Include at least two scholarly sources and/or professional business periodicals, e.g.: Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Management, etc.
· Format: APA format, double space 12 pt font.

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Growing Pains at Airbnb
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