Free Trade vs. Fair Trade

 Part 1 
write essay for about 4 to 5 pages  meeting APA requirements : 

Write an essay on Free Trade vs. Fair Trade (4 – 5 pages). Learn more about the issue, and take a position on it.  Present the issue to readers, and develop an argument for the purpose of confirming, challenging, or changing your readers’ views on the issue.
Write a focused paper and on the issue.  The writer presents the issue so the reader understands it.  Issues need more or less explanation and examples, depending on what the audience already knows.
Have a clear position.  The thesis is positioned effectively, usually at the beginning or end of the essay, and repeated for emphasis and clarity as needed.
Have plausible reasons and convincing support. The writer must provide reasons for supporting the position. The writer must go beyond simply asserting reasons, by including examples, statistics, expert testimony, and/or anecdotes to support the reasons.
Anticipate opposing position and objections. An effective argument for a position includes recognizing and refuting opposing arguments, as well as anticipating and answering a reader’s questions.

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Free Trade vs. Fair Trade
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3–4 pages in length, in APA format (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Use  APA
cover page
page margins, page number , page heading 
please make sure you meet all the requirements before submitting 

Part 2 :
write 5 lines on :

Do you routinely visit any blogs?  Which do you find most informative, entertaining or enlightening, and why? 
What methods do you generally use to determine how credible or reliable a writer is?  

Part 3 :
write 5 lines on :
Social networking has become a household name.  Do you think that social networking can be used to help you with creativity in problem solving?  Why or why not?  Explain your answers.


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