For the Team Charter Recommendations:

For the Team Charter Recommendations:

  • Explain methods to establish ground rules and set expectations.  How might differences in personality, expectations, and experience  affect team efficiency?
  • Describe conflict resolution strategies for interprofessional teams.
  • Identify effective ways to address issues of team leadership. How  will the team decide who will lead them? What happens if the team  leader is ineffective?

For the Communication and Collaboration Strategies:

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For the Team Charter Recommendations:
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  • Describe best practices for effective interprofessional  collaboration. What types of technology can be used to support  collaboration?
  • Explain the benefits and limitations of different communication  strategies such as e-mail, text, voice mail, and face-to-face. When is  it appropriate to use each type of communication?

This assessment should be 3–5 pages in length, not including the  title page and reference page. Use at least three resources to support  your recommendations, and follow APA guidelines for style and format.

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