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 Discussion 1
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 
 This week we examine how to solve for an unknown quantity. Some situations may be easily modeled by single variable equations and others might be more difficult. Reflect on your professional or personal world. What is an example of a situation that you might be able to use an equation with a single unknown to help understand? What is an example of a situation that you might not be able to use an equation with a single unknown to understand? What makes an equation with a single unknown helpful in one of your examples but not the other? What patterns exist in your two examples that might be helpful in determining when to use a simple equation?

Discussion 2
In this module, we are exploring the appeal of advertisements. Think back to the ads you chose in Project 1. In your initial post, include a link or attachment with your chosen ads, and describe your emotions as you watched/viewed them. Address the following questions in your initial post: What about the advertisements made you curious, shocked, or interested in taking a closer look? How did the ads appeal (or not appeal) to your identity as an individual or as a part of the larger society and culture to draw your interest?

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Discussion 3
Imagine you have been invited to speak for three minutes about climate change at a local environmental rally. In your post, draft five points of speaking notes on how environmental changes affected human biological and/or cultural evolution during the Paleolithic and what that can tell us about how climate change might be impacting people today. Make sure that you include a point or two on why you believe climate change affected human evolution and/or cultural evolution or why you think it has not. The following are examples of speaking notes:

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