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In this module, you read about cultural relativism, the idea that people’s actions, activities, and beliefs should be understood and explained in terms of their own culture. Do you think that cultural relativism should always be applied without exception? For example, if a culture’s activities breached human rights, do you think that cultural relativism still applies? Why or why not?

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In this assignment, you will locate two journal articles that use the experimental method and are connected to developmental psychology. The articles should not be correlational studies or review articles; you should only find articles that use the experimental method for this assignment. Also, these articles should not have been used in other assignments related to the final project. Next, you will provide a brief answer to each of the following questions for each of the articles.

How were the participants selected? Were the participants representative of the larger population?
How were the participants assigned to groups? Did the groups start out the same? Was there any bias in how the participants were assigned to groups?
What did the researchers do to ensure the experimental procedures were equal across the groups? If they did not ensure the procedures were equal, what should the researchers have done? Did the researchers follow APA ethical guidelines in conducting the research?
What were the independent and dependent variables of the experiment?
What was the outcome of the experiment?
How can you use the results of the research in your final paper?

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