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 Discussion 1
Select a crisis situation from the list that is uploaded below in the Final Project Part B Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document. After watching the video on that crisis situation, write about the situation you chose and why you chose it. Include a short summary of the video you watched, clearly describing the crisis situation and discuss why you think an anthropological perspective would be beneficial to examining your chosen crisis situation.

Discussion 2
how have historical developments for food production impacted modern-day life? Also, think about your own life. How has food production impacted the things you do today?

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Discussion 3 
Module three short answer is uploaded.

Discussion 4
Complete Module three marriage graphic organizer that is uploaded.

Discussion 5
 Prompt: Reflect on the concepts discussed in this module and then answer the following questions in a journal reflection (1 to 2 paragraphs per question):  
Complete the Module three journal reflection that is uploaded.

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