Food for Thought: Discussion After viewing the attached videos, select ONE that peeks your interests. 2. In an APA formatted  essay(not to exceed 5 paragraphs) the Author will address the following in a response to the discussion board: Discuss the pros and cons that may cause the difference in perspectives.Apply a minimum of one Theory and one Principle to analyze the ethical implications of the issue.What are the possible long term risk to humanity. As a member of the moral community, propose a boundary and/or limitation that may lead to an ethical resolve. Please review Discussion guidelines thoroughly found in your syllabus:Your response must be written in APA format with appropriate references and aligned in-text citations. A minimum of two formatted references required. Blue hyperlinks in references will not be accepted. Your grade depends on your ability to adhere to the guidelines established for completing Discussions and producing quality work

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Food for Thought: Discussion
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