facility financing

here are several notable legal issues related to facility financing  proposals, team relocation, and property acquisition for new stadiums  and arenas. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze facility  financing legal issues involved in prefinancing, postfinancing, and  eminent domain.
In 1,000-1,250 words, address each facility financing issue listed below:
Since  taxpayers often bear a significant bulk of the cost relative to  facility financing proposals, it has become fairly common for new  stadium proposals involving public financing to be challenged in the  courts. Groups who challenge stadium financing proposals make three  primary legal arguments. Identify and explain each of these arguments,  citing at least two specific cases.
There  are additional legal challenges that arise after a stadium has been  financed and built because a team threatens to leave for another city  with a newer stadium or arena. Identify two specific examples of cities  exercising their contractual rights under the stadium or arena lease  agreements either to prevent a team from leaving or to slow its  departure.
Eminent Domain
Modern  day stadium or arena projects commonly include hotels, restaurants,  shopping malls, and other commercial developments. In these types of  projects, the privately held surrounding commercial and residential  properties are vulnerable to being taken over by the city or county.  Explain the concept of eminent domain and provide one example of a  notable eminent domain controversy.
You are required to reference at least two academic resources for this assignment. 

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