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For this assignment, redesign the data visualizations presented in Module 4 – Case Study – FAASTeam. Using the same data provided by the visuals (you will not have access to the original spreadsheets that support the visuals, but can view the data as text (DOCX), Download view the data as text (DOCX),create alternative visualizations that exemplify the best design and ethics practices outlined in Module 4’s readings.You can use any suitable program to create your redesigns. Some examples of software include:Adobe Illustrator®Easelly (Links to an external site.)InfoGram (Links to an external site.)Microsoft Excel™Online Chart Tool (Links to an external site.)Piktochart (Links to an external site.)Visme® (Links to an external site.)Additionally, you are required to submit a Reflection Memo that succinctly outlines the changes you made and the rhetorical and ethical choices that support those changes. Your Reflection Memo should utilize proper memo formatting and be exactly 250 words.

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FAAs team
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