Explanatory Synthesis

750 word explanatory synthesis
Increased crime during the pandemic
I choose to write about the increased violence crimes during the pandemic. Since the pandemic started a lot of people’s everyday life has changed like we have never seen before. A lot of people were stuck in the house and couldn’t go to work, school, or just out doing normal day to day activities. They all had to do almost everything virtual. A lot of people also lost their jobs because many companies were forced to lay off workers in order to prevent financial bankruptcy, while other establishments, such as restaurants and movie theaters, were simply not open for business. New York state alone had over a million unemployment cases. With that being said I felt as well as statistics shows that the crime rate has risen because people didn’t have a way to make money or ends meet, plus people were bored in the house and couldn’t go anywhere, which can cause a lot of stress, depression and anxiety on a person. Studies shows that in New York city alone, there were 172 shootings by April 4th, 2020, which was an increased of 11.7% from 2019 and 18% from 2018. Also, I felt like the hate crime among Asian people were also on the rise because a lot of people believed that the Coronavirus Disease was created in Wuhan, China and began rapidly spreading around the world, so many people targeted innocent Asian people for no reason.
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Explanatory Synthesis
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