Events Management

Prepare a written plan for an event management business in about approximately 1000 words. The business plan should be comprehensive and detailed including at a minimum the following information:
 Describe briefly what segment you wish to target such as social or corporate events (10 points)
 Describe the company structure you will use and why (5 points)
 List your potential customers and estimate the business opportunity (5 points)
 List your competitors and describe one of them (5 points)
 Outline your sales plan and how you will reach your customers. (10 points)
 Describe your pricing strategy on how you will price your services. (5 points)

A non-profit corporation is inviting proposals for their annual employee meeting in San Francisco, CA. This year, they are investigating opportunities to reduce waste and plan a ‘greener’ meeting. Prepare a proposal of your recommendations to achieve their objective of a ‘green event’ in approximately of 1500 words using the following guidelines:
 Recommend a hotel or facility that has taken steps to be environmentally friendly (10 points)
 Suggest a catering service that uses local or organic produce (10 points)
 Ideas on how to reduce energy usage (10 points)
 Describe recycling options (10 points)

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Events Management
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Briefly describe in about approximately 500 words, how you would create an event on Facebook. Use the following guidelines:
Create an account with Facebook (if you do not have one already). Log in to the Facebook home page. Select “My Events” from the navigation menu. You will be taken to a page with all the events you are currently planning to attend.
 Click on the “Create Event” button to create a fictitious event. Complete all the details about your event, including the time and place. Choose the level of access to your event.
 Upload a photo that represents the event. Invite guests by selecting your friends on Facebook and other users to attend your event. Do not send the invite to your friends since this is only a practice event.

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