Event Safety and Security

The purpose of this assignment is to determine the types of safety or  security measures that must be considered for large events and to  evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of hiring independent security  management contractors for the event.
For this assignment, use a the super bowl as event in Tampa Bay 2021.  Evaluate the facility and the event for potential safety and security  issues and explore possible situations that could occur during the  event.
In 500-750 words, suggest two “what if” scenarios that  would impact the safety or security of participants or spectators and  address the following:

What are the consequences of each “what if” situation and who is affected?
Describe how each of the suggested “what if” challenges could be overcome.
From a legal perspective, describe the pros and cons of hiring an independent contractor to manage security at the event.

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Event Safety and Security
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You are required to reference at least two academic resources for this assignment. 

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