English Exam

I personally think “Culture Smarts Norway a Quick Gulled to Customs & Etiquette” has managed to capture the Norwegian lifestyle well. The tips are angled in a way for the reader to better understand Norwegian way of thinking and acting. Basic information about the Norwegian people and what values we got, that may be very different from other cultures. Being aware of other cultures values is an important and clever thing to do when traveling abroad. It strengthens your chances of good communication and prevents you from being misunderstood as easily.
The only negative thing to say about the text is that It has put a lot of weight on Just explaining why we are so reserved, to help prevent foreigners from misunderstanding us. Of course this is important information, but there could be given more advice on how to otter the communication with us, rather than it mostly being excuses for our rather strange behavior. But don’t get me wrong, if I was to write a guide like this, I would most definitely mention the same things, but with some enhancements In the communication part.
Appease 3. C) Do we really want to know? Weeklies; the weapon that “leaks out” confidential Information Into the public domain, Information the government Intended to keep secret, and backing the Information with trustworthy sources, as well as making sure the Individual providing the highly classified material remains anonymous. Weeklies has been a hot topic in the media the last couple of years. It’s not the information being given that is the main focus, but the fact that the Information is being given.

Whether it Is good for the public to know, or if much of the information should be held kept, as intended. I personally appreciate such information. We all know terrible things happens in war, out rapports Ana Tall Dotage snowing emulates Ana Inhuman actions In war, causing death of civilians is something I feel is right for the public to see. To help prevent the government from believing they are untouchable. To help prevent military actions aging lives’ of the innocent, without consequences.
For each individual, and their rights to know what is going on in the world, this information is best to be official for the public. But is this what’s best in the bigger picture? Is much of this information held secret, not only to hide information that is not accepted by the public, but to benefit world peace? Will the leaked information cause bigger consequences for cooperation between countries? Is the reduced trust in our government benefiting us, or is it better not to know? Maybe some of the information from Weeklies is better of being unknown to the public, in order to maintain world order.

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