Developing the body paragraphs: The way you present your supporting evidence is just as important as the evidence itself. When you  create a body paragraph with the goal of supporting a claim in your thesis, you want to include a  balance of research and/or examples with original material. In other words, original material refers to  discussions you develop that help explain the connection between your research and/or examples  and your thesis claim. You don’t want to assume that your research and/or examples are enough to  prove your thesis—you want to inform your reader how and why cited material serves the purpose  you intend. Therefore, begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that affirms your opinion. A topic  sentence for the first body paragraph in a paper with the thesis from above might say, “Miss  Charmaine, ever so charming in her ways, bumps into a scowling Mr. Bellingham, only to annoy him  further, but as he slowly raises his gaze to evaluate the source of this unpleasantry, he is rather  surprised to see a such a lovely creature affectionately maintaining his stare, eliciting an intrigue that  serves as the first defining moment in Charles’ positive transformation.” Next, follow up the topic  sentence with more about this scene that serves as the defining moment. Then, spend significant time explaining how the events you just discussed prove your thesis. Finally, end the paragraph with a  concluding sentence that synthesizes your efforts. 

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