Effective High-Performance Motivators 2 – Effective High-Performance Motivators

United Alliances Corporation has noticed some negative trends with its employees and is concerned about the impact these trends will have on the organization’s longevity if they are not addressed and fixed. First, they have seen an increase in full-time workforce absenteeism. They have also noticed a general decrease in overall quality. Finally, they have found the company has overall decreased productivity and lower morale. After evaluating the situation, the company has realized this behavior is the result of an unmotivated and unsatisfied workforce.
You, a Human Resources Motivation Specialist, have been given the task of creating a motivation improvement action plan that will introduce best practices to motivate workers. The plan will be explained and presented to all the leaders in the organization at the annual manager meeting next month. The plan will explain the importance of having motivated and satisfied employees. It will also discuss effective leadership methods and practices needed to successfully motivate and retain employees. The plan will also identify rewards that work and rewards that don’t always work.
This will be submitted using Microsoft Word.

Assess the essential impact of job satisfaction and motivation in the workplace. Provide 2 examples
Evaluate why satisfied employees tend to be more productive, creative and committed to their roles and responsibilities. Include 3 detailed examples.
Recommend 3 detailed effective leadership methods and practices using commitment and natural ability as the common denominators.
Explain why motivation and job satisfaction should be mutually exclusive to result in high satisfaction and high motivation. Include 1 example
Evaluate how intrinsic and extrinsic rewards can motivate people to assimilate new skills and knowledge. Provide 3 detailed examples of each type of reward.
demonstrate exemplary application and grammer

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Effective High-Performance Motivators 2 – Effective High-Performance Motivators
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