discussion response

The main question is: how you characterize the relationship between hip hop culture and rap?

(respond to the 2 following posts with at a paragraph, 200-300 words for each post) 

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discussion response
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1. Based on our reading and movie. I think hip-hop is a kind of culture. It has four elements: deejaying, graffiti, MCing and dance. Rap is a popular art form derived from hip-hop culture.
In “Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap,” Ice-T interviewed many different rappers who had a huge impact on today’s achievements. He explained how hip-hop saved his life and how it completely changed the world. Ice-T also explained that how hip-hop reinvented genres such as old funk and soul grooves. The part that makes me feel very special is that every rapper is different and has his own style of genre. That is how hip-hop culture is related to rap.
In the first chapter of “Can’t Stop Wont Stop”, Jeff Chang didn’t necessarily talk about hip-hop, but explained the history that led to the birth of hip-hop. With the construction and development of the city, many people lost their jobs and were forced to move to the south of the city. “If blues culture had developed under the conditions of oppressive, forced labor, hip-hop culture would arise from the conditions of no work” (Chang 13). This article allows us to see how hip-hop culture was created to combat oppression, And bring together oppressed communities, especially those in difficult communities such as the South Bronx.
In Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Make a Name, Jeff Chang tells the story of DJ Kool Herc’s influence on the growth of hip-hop music in the Bronx. Chang states that “the new culture that had arisen around him had captured the imagination of a new breed of youths in the Bronx” (Chang 84). This is an opportunity for hip-hop culture to represent change and inspiration. To help people become less involved in gang and drug-related violence. “In the loop, there is the alpha, the omega and the turning points in between. The seam disappears, slips into endless motion and reveals a new logic-the circumference of the worldview. (Chang 85). Chang here means , Herc opened up a whole new world of hip-hop, changed the rules of the game, and benefited many people. This also led to rap music becoming a part of hip-hop culture.

2. The terms Hip hop and rap are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are essentially different. Hip hop is a cultural movement that started within the African American community. It consists of many elements like breakdancing (B-boying,) graffiti, MCing, DJing, etc. Rap is a musical art form that is part of hip-hop culture or can be considered as one of the many elements of hip hop. We were able to see from this week’s reading the birthplace of hip hop and the harsh living conditions of the community that created the culture. Hip hop began in the South Bronx. It started when these communities were facing social and economical problems due to the building of the cross Bronx Expressway. During which, people got displaced from their homes and were facing many difficulties. In the film “Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap,”  Lord Jamar mentioned, ” we created something from nothing with hip hop. That’s what the whole spirit of hip hop is.” ( Lord Jamar, 06:05) The people living in these areas created and used hip hop as a way to speak up for their disenfranchised communities. Hip hop then started spreading to other places. DJs and Mcs played a big part in the rise of the genre as mentioned in this week’s reading, DJ Kool Herc and his sister Cindy Campbell would host parties in the Bronx, but would play records differently, these block parties allowed the genre to grow and spread.
When we see the relationship between Rap and hip-hop, as I mentioned earlier, rap is part of hip hop culture that incorporates some elements from hip hop. Like Ice-T stated in the film Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap “The one thing I do know is hip-hop requires skill, the skill of a great DJ, the ability of a great breakdancer, the style of a great graffiti writer, or the flavor and technique of a talented MC.” (Ice-T, 01:45:35) we can see some of this elements in rap. In this film we were able to hear different artists and their take on hip-hop culture and rap music. Ice-T gave us interviews with the older generation hip hop artists to new generation rappers. They explored what hip hop means to them, their creative process and gave us a small glimpse into the world of hip hop.

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