Discussion Post Business Law due July 6th at 10AM Eastern time

Review the grading rubric before submission
Create a new thread for each posting. 
Use correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format, unless otherwise instructed.
Use assigned course materials to complete discussion responses.
Use in-text citations and a Reference List in APA format to cite the course resource(s) used – an in-text citation cannot exist without a corresponding Reference List, and a Reference List cannot exist without a corresponding in-text citation.
Do not use any direct quotations
Post responses here in public discussion forum. 
Put the following in the subject line:  Discussion + your name.
Address each classmate by name, and sign your name to each posting, please. 
Write in-depth, comprehensive responses that promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing – refer to the “Winning Discussion Responses” module in Content for examples.
Discussion:  Part 1 due Saturday, 11:59 pm ET; Part 2 due Tuesday, 11:59 pm ET
Tips for Formatting and Structuring Parts 1 and 2:

Write in complete sentences in paragraph format.
Use in-text citations citing to relevant assignment materials. 
Label parts as appropriate.   
Double-space; 12-point Arial or Times Roman font.
Introductory Sentence:  Begin with an introductory sentence or very brief paragraph that states your conclusion to the questions asked.  
Concluding Sentence:  End the discussion with a concluding sentence or a very brief paragraph that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed.
Support Arguments and Positions:   Please refer to the module in Content, “How to Support Arguments and Positions”. 

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Discussion Post Business Law due July 6th at 10AM Eastern time
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Part 1:  
Background Facts:  You and Winnie and Ralph are discussing Clean’s plan to hire George Tacy as an agent for recruitment and hiring computer/IT employees.  You all recognize the importance of having a clearly defined agency agreement, and there are different types of agents.
1.  Analyze and recommend whether Tacy should be an employee of Clean or an independent contractor?  Explain why.

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