discussion 6

Discussion Prompt: After watching Fruitvale Station, tell us, in the first paragraph, what you thought of the film, and about the incident it portrays (how did it make you feel, do you think it was a fair depiction). In the second paragraph tell us about thoughts and feelings in relation to reported police shootings and protests they have engender (have you talked about them with friends, how have you reacted to these events, why do you think these events are important?). In the third paragraph, tie your thoughts on the film and these events together: what did the film teach you about these events, did it affect your view of these events. 
movie link:
announcement of charges in Castile Case: https://youtu.be/O-auagogrAk
video of Castile shooting: https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/07/07/graphic-video-minnesota-police-shooting-philando-castile-ryan-young-pkg-nd.cnn/video/playlists/philando-castile-shot-in-minnesota/

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discussion 6
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