Discussion 3 law

Discussion 3
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This course requires students to engage in online discussions via Canvas. Posts are a way of showing that you are actively engaging with the readings and allow the instructor to provide constructive feedback on your writing and analytical skills. 

Reflect on the discussion questions. Post a response in order to view other’s posts. You cannot delete/edit this post after submission deadline.
Respond to a classmate’s post.
Respond to another classmate’s post.

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Discussion 3 law
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For further details on requirements, view the Discussion Board rubric by clicking on the kabob menu on the top right (3 vertical dots) and selecting ‘Show Rubric’.
Required Format

Sign your entry with your first name.
Cite any references in the body of your discussion and show the works cited directly after the discussion text.
No cyber speak please. Use correct grammar, English, and punctuation.

There has been an increase in doping and performance-enhancing drugs being used in sports on an international level. When looking through U.N. treaties you will find one dealing with this issue. How should this issue be addressed and what should the punishments be for violating laws against doping?

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