Research news events/reports demonstrating methods, techniques, or processes you have learned in managerial accounting that were utilized to present the impact – positive or negative – COVID-19 has had or is expected to have on an aspect of society – personal, business, culture, country, ethnicity, or the whole of humanity. Discuss one or more aspects of what you learned in terms of managerial accounting as it relates to your selected event/report.
Make sure you use one of the concepts from managerial accounting to analyze the issue:
Balanced Score Card, Cost -volume-analysis, Cost for decision making, Differential (relevant cost) analysis, Marginal Costing, Activity-based costing, Target pricing, Strategic pricing, etc.
This is a formal assignment with a minimum of 300 words.
It should include at least one reference from relevant peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books found within reputable sources (peer-reviewed journal articles and/or published books).

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