Discussion post reply 1: 200 words.  this course I have met the objectives by explaining the history that has shaped the nursing profession by researching and writing about Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton. I have described the challenges nurses face in the health care today that effect how nurses our future for delivering care to patients. I have discussed legal and ethical issues regarding profession nurses currently. In addition, I have researched and written about the institute of medicines 5 core competencies that includes, patient centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and informatics. Through this course I have also been able to adapt my nursing practiced based on evidence based research regarding economic, demographic, and social forces. Lastly, I have been able to identify strategies that promote the socialization of the nurse into a professional role. Strategies such a working on improving nursing burnout, focusing on promoting mental health in the community, remaining culturally competent, and decrease work place violence and bullying.            My practice has changed in regards I try to spend more time focusing on distressing to prevent nursing burn out and turn over. I have changed my career path as I have evolved as a person and matured into my professional career as a nurse. Spending time focusing on myself has helped increase my reliance for difficult patient situations and needed to tackle complex issues involving patient care. I have learned more about how tele-health is changing how healthcare is being delivered to patients in their home. When I talk with patients I spend more time thinking about their culture and how it has affected their behavior and why a patient chooses to make the decisions they do regarding their health. I am more aware of the issues of bullying particularly to new graduate nurse. I will be more cognizant of new nurses and facilitating a smoother transition from student to professional. Before this course I did not know much about cannabis but at least discussing the basic I now have a better grasp of the concepts related to CBD and THC. Learning about these trends and issues facing healthcare today makes me a better nurse for the future.            As I continue on with my course work I can see how the topics we have discussed in this course have changed my perspective for the better. The knowledge will only enhance the care I provide for patients. The knowledge and skills will allow me to continue to improve quality patient care for years to come. I am grateful to have this opportunity to learn about important topics with you all! I wish you all the best of luck as we continue on this journey.Discussion post reply 2:  The beginning of this course was a struggle for me because I did not know what to expect, but I think that this course was a great learning experience.  The material has allowed me to research information that I may not have otherwise. I am glad that I did gain new information on nursing, nursing issues, and new healthcare trends.  It has affected my professional practice because I am now able to better care for my patients.  I also found it very interesting learning about other cultures, how cultures can affect the care provided to patients by how patients perceive information, and how cultural beliefs can affect exactly what treatments are given to patients.  Continuing to learn will always affect my professional practice, as it will give me more information to better care for my patients, whether it be through new techniques, communication skills, or education on new illnesses or social issues.    Continuing to learn can only help strengthen our practice and benefit us as nurses and our patients.  From the beginning of learning about nursing, at the undergraduate level, stress can affect all of us. We must be able to find a way to be resilient and push forward.  Nursing students need the skills and knowledge to help cope with the stress and obstacles of learning professional practice (Walsh et al., 2020).  Nurse educators can help nursing students to learn resilience through incorporating “self-efficacy, reflective ability and self-confidence” in their education (Walsh et al., 2020).  It is important that these skills follow nurses into their careers because the obstacles will continue.  Learning about current nursing issues and concerns, as well as how to cope and keep ourselves healthy will only make us stronger and more resilient nurses.  Nursing is a profession that is always changing, and we need to stay up to date on new information in order to better ourselves and our practice.             I really enjoyed this course and being able to discuss different topics with fellow nurses from different areas and different specialties. I think that learning from each other is very important and will make each of us stronger.  Good luck to everyone on continuing their education in this program and always remember to stand united, we can make change happen! 

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