Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.  (You will notice this is a “low-points” assignment. That does not reflect the value of the assignment – it is valuable! Writing a draft and submitting it for feedback is a habit you need to form. If the assignment were worth a significant amount of points, however, you would likely focus more on the points than your craft. Research indicates students need a safe space with minimal point risk for practicing writing. This is it. Use it well. Use it wisely.)
Read How to Write a Successful Blog Post in the link(https://milkwhale.com/portfolio/how-to-write-a-successful-blog-post/)
Select a topic/theme that is current and relevant to the industry you are considering for your ADP.
Write a complete blog post that is current/relevant to the industry you are considering for your ADP.
Complete the written assignment per the following prompts:

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The blog topic selection ideally will support your ADP research focus.
Write the blog in keeping with the general rules identified in How to Write a Successful Blog Post.
The body of the blog should be 600 words in length.
Format the blog similar to the examples provided while noting that best practices for blogging are always encouraged.

Use single line space with double-spacing between paragraphs and graphics. Format per APA for all else.
Edit using the spelling and grammar checkers, including Grammarly (which can be accessed via the “Tools For Success” widget on this course’s homepage). 

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