Describe the relationship between the variables in your dataset by interpreting the Scatter Plot that you have created. 

Choose any one of the 3 datasets (BUT ONLY 1) for this assignment. You will need this dataset for the assignment.   
Instructions to begin your Scatter Plot Assignment:
In this assignment, you will create a Scatter Plot representing data from one of the datasets provided using the instructions below. There are several steps; please ensure you complete all of them in sequential order.
1. Copy the list of data (ctrl c) from the document you have just downloaded. 
2. Click here to go to the Scatter Plot Generator.
3. Delete any numbers that may appear in the Scatter Plot Generator textbox by clicking ‘Reset’ located at the bottom of the textbox.
4. Paste (ctrl v) the list of data in the text box. The data are formatted correctly, so please do not re-format. Paste the data exactly as you have copied it from the document. Click ‘Submit Data’. 
5. Click ‘Scatter Plot’ located immediately above the text box.
5. A Scatter Plot representing the plotted points of the 2 independent variables in your dataset will appear. 
6. Save the Scatter Plot image to your computer as a png as follows: Right click on the Scatter Plot image, then click on ‘save image as’ and save to your computer as a png file. DO NOT save as a web page. 

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