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Post by Mohammed
Hello  everyone! My name is Mohammad. I’m a current Junior full time student at  UCF. I live in Orlando, FL at the moment and have spend majority of my  life here. Some of the activities and hobbies I enjoy doing include  gaming, music, and some soccer. My current major I’m pursuing is a  Bachelor’s in Health Service Administration and with that degree I hope  to one day manage a private clinical practice or a hospital. My personal  education goal is pretty straight forward; I hope to gain all the  knowledge I can that will prepare me the best for my future career. With  this course I am hoping to gain some knowledge on general accounting I  should know for personal matters such as banking and I do think it will  help improve my knowledge for work since my job will require a lot of  billing to insurances and such. I hope to get the accounting basics down  as much as possible so I can be smart with my money outside of work and  am able to manage it well for work. I currently have worked as an  Optometric Technician for about 5 years now and have gained some  knowledge with billing and accounting through it as well. I expect to  learn about many of the key terms I need to know in accounting and I  look forward to Chapter 3 the most in this course. Looking forward to a  great semester with everyone!

Post by Ayesha
My name is Ayesha. I live in Tampa Florida. I’m an Orlando  native. Recently moved to Tampa to get closer to my family. I have a 5  year old son that turns six in July. In most of my free time I spend it  with my son. I sing and write music. I Love going to the beach. That’s  one of my most favorite things about living in the Tampa bay area. I’m a  workaholic. I’m always working on something new to better my education  or career. My downtime is something I don’t take for granted. I’m really  big on finances and I’m good with numbers, but I hate math. It’s a  little weird I would say.
I currently work for a bank. I don’t want to mention which one  for various reasons. However I work with small business owners on a day  to day basis. I’ve been with my current company for two years. Although I  work in finance, my major is in Health services administration. I’m  currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida for my bachelors  degree. I’m  very proud that I am almost finished. I’m taking this  Managerial accounting course as a transient student because it is a  prerequisite for my other classes at my university. I have seven classes  left including my internship. 
My long term goal is to obtain a masters degree. Being that I  currently work for a prestigious company I don’t see myself separating  from them until I find a  position that can finally support me in the  health services administration field. 
Material in this course is complex but can be understood. I’ve  taken this course before and it does require time and lots of effort.  Ms. Lorenzo’s course is broken down perfectly so you can learn the  material. I recently opened a small business. It’s a plus sized boutique  called Plush Love Boutique LLC. I plan on using the information I’ve  learned in financial accounting and managerial accounting to grow my  business. I dream of one day having a store front and a website. I work  in banking so finance jargon is no longer foreign to me. Understanding  different terms and how they affected the statement of cash flows was a  struggle for me the first time.  This time around I plan to excel in  this course. I’m afraid that I might not remember everything from  financial accounting. This class is just an add on to that knowledge.
By the end of this course I want to be able to understand the  difference between managerial and financial accounting. I want to be  able to complete a statement of cash flows completely. I want to be able  to calculate depreciation costs. Those two things I struggled with  previously. I want to pass the course this time. Even though it’s a six  week accelerated course  I know I will do well. I want to be a career  woman and a small business owner. Hoping that my life can balance the  two. Either way this course will give me knowledge to take me far  regardless of which path brings the most success.

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