Discussion 10

You should envision this discussion as a personal reflection on the capstone and your experience in the MS in Higher Education Administration program as a whole.

At a minimum, please address the following points:

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Discussion 10
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Overall, what was your capstone experience like? In considering your response to this seemingly straightforward question, it is suggested that you apply some of what you have learned through a cost-benefit analysis. As you do so, consider the effort and time that you put into the capstone versus its benefit in terms of your learning to date and possibilities for the future. What would be your overall assessment?

How will you apply what you have learned to your current and/or future professional life? Here you may wish to reflect on the personal philosophy of higher education that you prepared in the HEA 520 course. Has that philosophy evolved over the course of the HEA program, and if so, in what way?

Note that this discussion is not about evaluating the capstone itself but rather your experience within the capstone project and its relation to the overall HEA program.

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