Devry of Crystal City, VA.

This scenario involves Cassie and Bill. The both have experience in Project Management however Bill a lot more experience than Cassie does. Bill last project was late and over budgeted so Cassie a little bit skeptical about his overall knowledge but yet she is still willing to list to him. I am the third person brought into this meeting and I will discuss different avenues of approach to fix these issues. I will also explain the different elements identified as well as how I feel that they should be addressed. ABSTRACT: I posted these comments: Bring both managers together and discuss all the current and future risk factors * Establish a budget that will help each manager understand the short and long term affects * Make a chart of how and when the possibilities of risks are most vulnerable * Ensure that everyone practices trial and error to ensure management and employers are privileged to the risk factors.
* Capture previous projects and study their history of risk matrix and match both to see if you are following the right procedures or decreasing risk factors * Always double check everything your team has covered as a whole to ensure the proper risk measure have been implemented The students comments had several opinions, however they basically agreed that all projects should have a list of plans and these plans should cover overall risks. these risks should be realistic and within your primary budget. You should break down the project into quarters and each quarter should be budgeted according to your requirements. Now I do understand that issues come up and project are prolonged or over budgeted initially but as a good project Mason 3 manager, you should plan for mishaps even if they don’t occur. I would suggest that you write down all the potential issues and make adjustments as needed.
For instance Liza Nicholas, wrote that she liked the idea of utilizing WBS because it allows personnel to actually see the breakdown of all the requirements. I do agree that when specific tasks are written down along with short and long term goals. This general information is helpful and needed when projects are costly and extensive. You should always cover the previous projects and decide which risk assessments were deemed to be refined. There will always be some mistakes, but my overall objective is to minimize risks and make sure your project as safe as possible. Team members and employees should discuss the potential risks and put together a plan to ensure that everyone knows the outcome in case risks impact the project’s timeline.

It is important to follow your timeline and make sure your costs match those dates. CONCLUSION: The overall idea is to make sure that the project managers are detailing risk plans and following the guidance from previous mistakes. Plans should be to the point and cultivated by the environment along with extensiveness of the project itself. Management should be monitoring each project and ensuring that everyone does what is needed to ensure safety and maintain funds for each project. As a third party member, I would like to ensure that all Mason 4 employees and staff will know and understand their risks in each project and actually know the appropriate actions to take in case of an immediate response or actions is needed.

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Devry of Crystal City, VA.
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