Design a New Office

In just three short years, your graphic design firm has grown rapidly – from 3 full-time employees to nearly 100.  So it seems like the ideal time to build a new office facility, one that will accommodate all of the new employees and provide room for future growth.  Employees want space to meet with other colleagues and bounce around ideas.  They also want some quiet space where they can think creatively.  They want a place that is comfortable — but not so casual — that people come to work wearing shorts and sandals.  Most of all, they want a place that will help inspire creativity and innovation, the lifeblood of your company. 
1.  Discuss an office design / layout / atmosphere that reflects the company culture that your employees want to cultivate (minimum of two paragraphs).  Include online references to support / display your rationale. 
2.  Using google images, include photos / links of what you are picturing. 

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Design a New Office
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