Deliverable 6 – Email Campaigns

Create a welcome email campaign series.
You are currently an assistant to the national director of online marketing in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation.
The email management specialist for Digital Market Makers quit without notice. Multiple complaints had been lodged at meetings about how new customers were not receiving a welcome email. Also, the sporadic emails that were sent were quite generic and didn’t portray the welcoming messaging desired by the company. Clearly, the person in charge of these emails had been doing a poor job.
During the past few months, you had spoken out about how it would be useful to send out emails based on the blogs the company was already creating. It also seemed to you that sales would more likely be generated if the emails could really capture the excitement of new products or services that company was promoting.
The national director, Rowan Jones, took note of your interest and ideas in recent meetings, and has asked you to help fill the position until a replacement can be found. They have asked you to draft three specific emails for review.
Select a for-profit company that has a website and sells within multiple states. Ideally, select a company that is small-to-midsized. The company should have no more than 500 employees and the revenue (if known) should be less than $40 million.

Create a proposal for an effective email campaign. Include the rationale for why an email campaign is crucial to an effective digital marketing campaign.
Include 3 sample emails to be reviewed by the Director:
Compose a “welcome to the company” email.
Create an email to be sent to existing customers and potential customers who have inquired about products or services based on one specific blog or PR announcement the company has already created to drive interest in the company, its products and services.
Develop a product or service pitch email for one product or service the company offers.

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Deliverable 6 – Email Campaigns
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