DBA 701

 Getting started
Through the process of critical thinking, a researcher can determine the relevance or effectiveness of a particular article or resource on a chosen topic. It is common to encounter various viewpoints as you consider your topic or research interests and depending on the level of controversy of the topic, the value of evaluating the logic of the article can be significant. Consider a simple example such as the minimum wage. If you were to search for articles on this topic, you would quickly find there are varying viewpoints and opinions. Being able to evaluate the logic of the author’s stance will be important to determine the usefulness of this source to support or counterbalance your opinion.  
This activity provides an opportunity to analyze an article you have chosen for your research. By applying this template, you will be able to determine if this source is valuable and relevant to your work.
Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

Apply a critical thinking model to analyze an article.

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DBA 701
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APA 7th edition, 
2 pages
Background Information
The Discerning Reader and Writer
As you read the article you will source for this written assignment, keep in mind the quality writing tips you have learned in your reading. One significant way to begin improving your writing skills is to improve your reading skills. By reading, at once and on different levels, you will not only be taking in and processing the words (and information) that are displayed—but you will also be consciously assessing the quality of the information, the craft of the writing, and the aesthetics of the formatting. In other words, you will begin to read differently as a result—you will become a discerning reader. By reading ‘actively’, you will inherently build habits of observation that can carry over into your doctoral and professional writing through the use of new words and a multitude of ways to articulate what you want to say.
As you analyze the logic of the article selected for this assignment, be on the lookout for the phrases that should be avoided at the start of a sentence. If you reviewed your most recent coursework submissions or contributions to the ADP, would any of the sentence start taboos be found?

 According to . . .
 There is a . . .
 It is [important, critical, advised, suggested, and so on] . . .
 In my opinion . . .
 The purpose of this [email, post, article] is . . .
 In 2014 [or any year] . . .
 I think [believe] that . . . (Handley, 2014, p. 26)


Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read the of The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools. 
Locate and download a scholarly article through OCLS(new tab) on the topic you are considering for your own blog and article assignments in this course. If the topic is suitable for your ADP research focus or a business-related topic that is of interest to you, it will be more useful in the long term.
Complete the Analyzing the Logic of an Article Template(Word document) in its entirety, answering each question fully. Your responses should provide evidence of critical thinking.

Place the complete APA reference at the top of the first page.
Include your full name in the header or footer of the template. No cover page is needed if your name is in the header or footer.
Provide a detailed response indicating your response for each line item as part of the process of article. deconstruction. Include the direct quote or place in the article where the logic was found, as appropriate., as appropriate.

Submit the completed template and a copy of the scholarly article by the end of the workshop.

Review the associated rubric

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