DB: Research Paper Topic Assignment

This course covers the 3 main areas of Criminal Justice: Policing; Courts; and Corrections. You will take one of these elements, which can be broken down, (i.e. Corrections may be broken down to Probation, Parole, Community Corrections, Prison and Jobs, Prison Life, Correction Officers, etc.) and research the historical perspective. For this assignment, you will identify the specific area of criminal justice on which you will be conducting your research for your paper that is due in Unit 7.
This is your first deliverable. Instructions: In this assignment you will choose a topic from the following choices: 
• Policing 
• Courts 
• Corrections Next, you will state why you selected the topic: 
• Give a description of your topic 
• Explain why you chose it.
• Length: 1 double-spaced, 12 pt. font pages, not including title or reference page(s). 
• Your reference page will contain the title of the reference and links or page numbers where it can be found.

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DB: Research Paper Topic Assignment
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