Customer Service Plan – Customer Service & Quality Instructions

The work you do throughout the modules culminates into a Customer Service Plan. This plan incorporates the following:
Module 2: Company Description & Evaluation
Module 3: Examine Customer Service & Quality
Module 4: Examine Customer Service Practices in the Twenty-First Century
Module 5: Company Analysis
Part I:
Customer Perspective
In relation to what you have learned in Module 3 so far, observe and describe the following as you would view it from the customer’s perspective. Hint: What is each communicating to the customer?

Physical appearance of the business
How quickly is a customer greeted
Pace of the transaction
Parking lot
Hours of operation
Courtesy of customer service representative
Knowledge of customer service representative
Website – if there is a website, how user-friendly is it?

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Customer Service Plan – Customer Service & Quality Instructions
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Part II: Quality Recognition
Discuss the following:

Identify criteria that your organization deems important in communications.
How do you know this criteria is important?
How are representatives evaluated on this?
What training is provided to employees in the five main methods of communication (Listening, writing, talking, reading, nonverbal expression)?
What are the expectations when using technology to communicate with customers?

Part III: Proactive Practices
Evaluate the practices in place to avoid challenging situations. What are the practices in place in your business to demonstrate:

Respecting the customer’s time
Keeping a positive attitude
Recognizing regular customers
Maintaining professional communication
Showing initiative

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