CU004: Cross-Cultural Research

I NEED THIS BY 07/20/21 BY 5PM.
Your response to this Assessment should:

Reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric (ATTACHED)
Adhere to the required assignment length

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CU004: Cross-Cultural Research
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Critical Analysis of Cross-Cultural Research

Select a journal article related to cross-cultural research that is published within the last 10 years from one of the following journals for faculty SME approval:

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Cross-Cultural Research
International Perspectives in Psychology

Once you select your article, please message your faculty SME your article for approval
Use the approved article to complete this Competency Assessment

Assessment (8 pages excluding title and reference pages):
Part 1: Introduction (2 pages)
In your introduction to your critical analysis, include the following:

Introduce the research you selected (title, authors)
Describe the study (i.e., purpose of the study)
Describe the problem addressed in the study as well as the research question

Part 2: Methods and Design (2 pages)

Describe the overall design of the study you selected
Describe the type of methodology used (i.e., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method)
Describe any ethical considerations within the study you selected. If none are mentioned, explain any potential ethical issues the researcher(s) might have needed to consider

Part 3: Culture within Research (4 pages)
This portion of your assessment is your analysis of how the researcher(s) incorporated culture into their research. Include the following:

How did the researcher(s) incorporate the nature of culture within their study?
Are there aspects of the study where researcher(s) could have better incorporated the influence of culture in the sample, methods, analyses, or conclusion and how?
If the researcher(s) were given an opportunity to improve on their research, what would you suggest? Be specific.
How would your suggestion facilitate positive social change?

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