Critical thinking 11

1. How have you used the success strategies described in Chapter 1 (maintaining a posi- tive outlook, setting goals, managing your time, being proactive, and being assertive) to prepare for and participate in a practice interview? Which strategies are most useful?
2. Why is it important to prepare for and per- form in a practice interview as if it were the real thing? 1
3. What would you tell your friend to do to reduce his or her stress level the day before an interview? The day of the interview? 2
4. Whatadvicewouldyougiveyourfriendabout wrappinguptheinterviewskillfully? 3
5. What steps should you take to follow up after an interview? 4
6. What are the important topics to include in follow-up communications? 4
7. What strategies can you use while you wait to hear about a hiring decision? 4
8. Are employment tests common in your career field? How do you know? 5

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Critical thinking 11
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