Course Project Week 2

Note its based one week 1 you did

Week 2

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Course Project Week 2
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Create a flowchart for a simplified version of your program. Create a working version of it based on your flowchart. This should be a working program that accepts user input, does some calculation, and shows the results. It does not have to use conditional expressions, loops, and the like.
Examples: For the programming tutorial, you can describe and demonstrate to the user using screen output, how to declare variables, display information on the screen, get information from the user, and do calculations. You can ask the user for their name and include it in the tutorial output.
For a loan payment calculator, it asks for interest rate, length of loan, amount of loan, and it displays monthly payment. For a DJ manager, it asks for the average song length and the number of songs on a playlist, and it displays the length of the playlist.

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