Corporation Bylaws

1. 1Registered Office and Registered Agent: The registered office of the corporation shall be the same as listed on the articles of incorporation and at such place as may be fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors upon filing of such notices as may be required by law, and the registered agent shall have a business office identical with such registered office.
Other Offices: The Corporation may have other offices within or outside the State of incorporation at such place or places as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. ARTICLE 2 Shareholder’s Meetings 2. 1Meeting Place: All meetings of the shareholders shall be held the registered office of the corporation, or at such place as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, and the place at which any such meeting shall be held shall be stated in the notice of the meeting. 2.
2Annual Meeting Time: The annual meeting of the shareholders for the election of directors and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting, shall be held each year on __________________, at the hour of _______, if not a legal holiday, and if a legal holiday, then on the day following, at the same hour, or January 31 of every year if no other meeting time is specifically appointed. 2. 3Annual Meeting – Order of Business: At the annual meeting of shareholders, the order of business shall be as follows:

(a) Calling of the meeting to order. (b) Proof of notice of meeting (or filing of waiver). (c) Reading of minutes of last annual meeting. (d) Report of officers. (e) Reports of committees. (f) Election of directors. (g) Miscellaneous business. 2. 4Special Meetings: Special meetings of the shareholders for any purpose may be called at any time by the President, Board of Directors, or the holders of not less than one-twenty of all shares entitled to vote at the meeting. 2. 5Notice:
(a) Notice of the time and place of an annual meeting of shareholders shall be given by delivering personally or by mailing a written or printed notice of the same, at least ten days, and not more than fifty days, prior to the meeting, to each shareholder of record entitled to vote at such meeting. (b) At least ten days and not more than fifty days prior to the meeting, written or printed notice of each special meeting, and the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called, shall be delivered personally, or mailed to each shareholder of record entitled to vote at such meeting.
* * 2. 6Voting Record: At least ten days before each meeting of shareholders, a complete record of the shareholders entitled to vote at such meeting, or any adjournment thereof, shall be made, arranged in alphabetical order, with the address of and number of shares held by each, which record shall be kept on file at the registered office of the corporation for a period of ten days prior to the meeting. The records shall be kept open at the time and place of such meeting for the inspection of any shareholder.
* 2. 7 Quorum: Except as otherwise required by law: (a) A quorum at any annual or special meeting of shareholders shall consist of shareholders representing, either in person or by proxy, a majority of the outstanding capital stock of the corporation, entitled to vote at such meeting. (b) The voters of a majority in interest of those present at any properly called meeting or adjourned meeting of shareholders at which a quorum as in this paragraph defined is present, shall be sufficient to transact business.
* * 2. 8Closing of Transfer Books and Fixing Record Date: For the purpose of determining shareholders entitled to notice of or to vote at any meeting of shareholders, or any adjournment thereof, or entitled to receive payment of any dividend, the Board of Directors may provide that the stock transfer books shall be closed for a stated period not to exceed fifty days nor be less than ten days preceding such meeting.
In lieu of closing the stock transfer books, the Board of Directors may fix in advance a record date for any such determination of shareholders, such date to be not more than fifty days, and, in case of a meeting of shareholders, not less than ten days prior to the (late on which the particular action requiring such determination of shareholders is to be taken. * * 2. 9Proxies: A shareholder may vote either in person or by proxy executed in writing by the shareholder, or his duly authorized attorney-in-fact.
No proxy shall be valid after eleven months from the date of its execution, unless otherwise provided in the proxy. * * 2. 10Action by Shareholders Without a Meeting: Any action required or which may be taken at a meeting of shareholders of the corporation, may be taken at a meeting if a consent in writing, setting forth the action so taken, shall be signed by all of the shareholders entitled to vote with respect to the subject matter thereof.
Such consent shall have the same force and effect as a unanimous vote of the shareholders. * * 2. 11 Waiver of Notice: A waiver of notice required to be given any shareholder, signed by the person or persons entitled to such notice, whether before or after the time stated therein for the meeting, shall be equivalent to the giving of such notice. * * * ARTICLE 3 * Stock * 3.
1Certificates: Certificates of stock shall be issued in numerical order, and each shareholder shall be entitled to a certificate signed by the President, or a Vice President, and the Secretary or Assistant Secretary, and may be sealed with the seal of the corporation or a facsimile thereof The signatures of such officers may be facsimiles if the certificate is manually signed on behalf of the transfer agent, or registered by a registrar, other than the corporation itself or an employee of the corporation.
If an officer who has signed or whose facsimile signature has been placed upon such certificate ceases to be an officer before the certificate is used, it may be issued by the corporation with the same effect as if the person were an officer on the date of issue. * * 3. 2Transfer: Transfers of stock shall be made only upon the stock transfer books of the corporation, kept at the registered office of the corporation or at its principal place of business, or at the office of its transfer agent or registrar; and before a new certificate is issued.
The old certificate shall be surrendered for cancellation. The Board of Directors may, by resolution, open a share register in any state of the United States, and may employ an agent or agents to keep such register, and to record transfers or shares therein. * * 3. 3Registered Owner: Registered shareholders shall be treated by the corporation as the holders in fact of the stock standing in their respective names and the corporation shall not
be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim to or interest in any share on the part of any other person, whether or not it shall have express or other notice thereof, except as expressly provided below or by the laws of the State of incorporation. The Board of Directors may adopt by resolution a procedure whereby a shareholder of the corporation may certify in writing to the corporation that all or a portion of the shares registered in the name of such shareholder are held for the account of a specified person or persons.
The resolution shall set forth: * (a) The classification of shareholder who may certify; * (b) The purpose or purposes for which the certification may be made; * (c) The form of certification and information to be contained therein; * (d) If the certification is with respect to a record date or closing of the stock transfer books, the date within which the certification must be received by the corporation; and *
(e) Such other provisions with respect to the procedure as are deemed necessary or desirable. * * Upon receipt by the corporation of a certification complying with the procedure, the persons specified in the certification shall be deemed, for the purpose or purposes set forth in the certification, to be the holders of record of the number of shares specified in place of the shareholder making the certification. *

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