Conventional or Non-conventional medicine

Should People Use Conventional or Non-сonventional Medicine? “A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession” (Hippocrates) Now we live in such a kind of world where numerous fatal diseases arise and increase day by day. Mankind always tries to find useful remedies for these diseases, but sometimes people hesitate to decide which cure is the best. As Hippocrates said health is the most valuable thing for person. Without health a person is nothing. So, we should do our best in order to protect our health. Due to several reasons alternative medicine is regarded as the best way. Therefore, people should prefer alternative medicines to chemical ones without any doubt because they have already proven their values to the worldwide.
The main argument is that non-conventional medicine ensures people to be healthy and guarantee that effects will remain in the long-term. Recent research has proved that this kind of medicine has gained the confidence of people, because these methods have been around since the beginning of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that more than 65% of world`s population rely on this medicine . According to the survey, one out of three Americans who have used alternative medicine said that they would use it again without any avoidance. Alternative medicine is more effective in the long-term because they don`t just try to find a treatment for symptoms of disease.
Instead of finding a cure for pain, for instance, alternative medicine finds out what has caused the pain and they make an effort in order to hunt out the root of the pain. So, these estimated factors make alternative medicine stronger than conventional one.

Secondly, non-conventional medicine has gained high popularity because they provide cheaper results. The cost of medical treatment is higher because of using chemical medicines which require more technology and money during industrial process. The second reason of expensiveness is doctors` prescriptions. Most companies make a deal with doctors and require them to prescribe their medicines to his own patients. Moreover, when people decide to have medical care, they also need to do some check-ups and testswhich are not cheap either. But alternative medicines are cheaper because they contain herbal substances and it is easier to produce them. That`s why majority prefers to use this kind of medicines.
Many scientists and professors don`t want to accept alternative way of healing. As alternative medicines have not scientifically been proven , they are considered dangerous. Furthermore, they are not being used under doctor control. It is peril to use them because you don`t know what kind of consequences can occur. Scientists claim that using conventional healing is more reliable . Their main support is that alternative medicine is used by doctors who have at least 5 or 6 years medical education and in addition, more experience.
For instance, according to the article “Dying for their beliefs” by Jeffrey Good, Amy Hermanson was a victim of her family`s beliefs. She had diabetes and doctors warned the parents that the girl needed medical care. But family didn`t pay any attention to all the warnings and they tried to treat their girl with alternative treatments such as praying. In the end the result was death and charging of family. That`s why doctors warn people to avoid such kind of medicines in order not to feel repentant later. However, this argument is no longer correct because many people who didn`t find any cure by using conventional medicine, turned to alternative therapies again.
They realized that tablets, different chemical medicines didn`t really work. They just took away the pain for a while but in fact they didn`t do any cure. One example is about Laurence Burns , 75 years old man. He was diagnosed cancer and he have been taking conventional therapy. But it didn`t really work on Burns`s body. It has too many side effects. During his conventional therapy procedures doctors said him that he had only 6 months left. Later he decided to try alternative therapy and it sufficiently worked. He became much stronger than before. Now he is happy about his decision. He says that everything has changed and now he feels more improvement in his health habits.
To sum up, from past times till now people have gained more benefits from alternative medicine and have used it resolutely. Alternative medicine and its results have been tested and it is estimated that they are more effective. They are the best way to get strong treatment.

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Conventional or Non-conventional medicine
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