Continuing Accountability Plan (Letter of Accountability)

1. Provide complete descriptions of the following categories to your professor until he/she approves the final draft.

2. Present your professor-approved letter to your group and incorporate any group feedback into your final draft.

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Continuing Accountability Plan (Letter of Accountability)
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3. Submit your completed letter for final approval by your professor. A copy of sections 7 and 8 will be considered only. You may consult your professor for any questions.
Use Case:
1. You are from India came to United States in 2015 to pursue a master’s degree.
2. You completed your master’s degree in 2016.
3. In 2017 you met someone and started dating. 
4. In 2017 you got your first contract job for that you moved to different state/town but still in relationship with your girlfriend.
5. In your girlfriend perspective it was a distance or long relationship.
6. On daily basis both of you argue over things. 
7. This is your first relationship ever, so things were not easy for you and you were learning things and trying to do your best.
8. Your girlfriend had previous relations where other guys cheated on her.
9. You both have mis-communication; mis-understanding due to cultural beliefs.
10. Few times your girlfriend thought you are trying to control her.
11. In 2018 you got your second contract job and you become full time after a year.
12. Time goes by and, by the end of 2019 you both married at courthouse.
13. Due to your job you couldn’t often visit to see your wife when she was living in different state.
14. In 2020 COVID hit the world and you moved to stay with your wife.
15. In mid of 2020 you both moved to different state due to your wife got new job.
16. You both visit couple places when time permit and things were on and off several times and you did apologize her for the things.
17. At the end of 2020, on a day you both went out and things were fine in the morning but afternoon your wife started an argument with you about the celebrations (marriage or any other celebrations that new couple do). You were explaining her about the things and told her nobody stopped us for not doing any celebrations. You were waiting for things get settled (like COVID). At the end of day you both came back to home and had heated argument, and you suddenly put your hands on her neck. You had zero intention to put your hands on her neck and hurt her physically. It happened all of sudden unexpectedly. She called police and told them that you decided to put your hands on her neck. 
18. This is your first crime ever; you do not have any previous criminal background.
19. You have a very good character at your work and good relationship with your co-workers. You been recognized on several occasions for the quality of work you deliver.
20. In the beginning on 2021 you have been sentenced to 2 years probation and you are taking treatment program for domestic violence.
Take a full responsibility of the things happened over the time and write a sincere apology letter to Victim. Must include apology, sorry, and how ashamed you feel with things happened, and assure the victim that you will never ever do and repeat this. Express your true feelings. What is the impact happened on both sides (Like court costs, family side, etc.). Assure victim that you are enrolled in treatment program and that is making good impact on your life.

Points to consider for letter:

Demonstrate regret of actions, not just regret for the victim’s pain

Do not ask the victim to forgive you or place any other expectations on the victim

Think about what have you learned from this; how will you change the way you think and behave in the future

Keep in mind why it’s important to remain law-abiding

Remember the emphasis of the apology letter should be on the victims’ losses, not on the losses you have suffered by your actions

Is this the letter you would like to receive if you were the victim of this same offense

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