Consequences of Mediation of Action

Eden Ettienne Abstract #5 It issaid that community leads to meditation and as a result one looses part of his active self. A man named Robinson Crusoe was involved in a shipwreck, and for 25 years was stranded on an island, alone. He had to learn to adapt to this island and fend for himself. Although impoverished, his story was quite immaculate and extraordinary. His being on the island for so long allowed him to grow a full and intimate relationship with himself and his existence.
The truth we as humans are relationalbeings and when alone for so many years, one is deprived of humanity and companionship. Marxists believe that whichever social class one is tied to is the same way he/she will earn a living. Class can have a negative or positive effect on a person. The mediation of action is something no one can undergo, and there are three consequences when involved in such. One is other people become instruments of our will when we execute our actions. Second, consequence is something that affects all of us when dealing with action.
And third, meditated actions are the metaphysical distance that is introduced between human beings and their actions. Our social rehearsals for sheltering responsibility should lessenthe increasing gap between acts that are ours and those we appropriate. Meditation cannotbe rid of between ourselves. But however we can try and thwart out some of its negative effects. Loss is a result that affects both the world and us. If we fail in allowing meditation within ourselves, we have failed the community around us, and will lead to the impossibility of individual fulfillment and public kinship.

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Consequences of Mediation of Action
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