Conclusion and Abstract On Research Paper!!

Hi Guys so I have an assignment I need completed. So over the pass few weeks I’ve been doing a Research paper on Diamonds. This assignment below MUST be completed by tomorrow April 16, 2019 Tuesday no later than 11pm. I need your best work and nothing less!!! 
So here are the Instructions:

Down below I have one attachment you write an abstract and conclusion from. The attachment is important to open and read over because you must read in order to write an conclusion and abstract from the following research paper! Both conclusion and abstract must be Five to seven sentence each.Again you must only re-write a conclusion and abstract following the guidelines below. PLEASE READ the guidelines to ensure you have a strong conclusion and  abstract. Read over this research paper and following the guidelines is good way to produce good results

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Conclusion and Abstract On Research Paper!!
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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to complete your academic argumentative research paper.
Description: In this assignment, you will first write your conclusion; then, you will write your abstract. The following components are requirements of the assignment:

Conclusion (150-200 words):

Revisit the controversy.
Emphasize the seriousness of the controversy.
Answer the “So what?” question.
Suggest a general solution (optional).
Call for awareness/action.
Leave the reader with a final thought.

Abstract (200 words or less): For this assignment, you MAY NOT exceed 200 words.

Restatement of the controversy (one to two sentences)
Your thesis (one sentence)
Reasons (three to four sentences)
Conclusion sentence (one sentence)

Add the conclusion and abstract to the rest of your paper so that you are turning in a complete research paper. The paper should include all of the following components (in order):

Title page
Literature review
Body paragraphs
References page

This assignment must be PLAGIARISM FREE and must have a grammar check! I will except nothing but the best work. Only bid after you have read everything and understand the objective! I have high expectations so good luck everyone!

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