Concept2 Marketing Strategies

Concept2 is a company that specializes in rowing equipments. Its products range from the indoor rowing equipment, and outdoor rowing equipment. The company is currently using relationship selling as a marketing strategy in order to increase its business.

As a developing company, Concept2 can use consultative selling as part of its strategy. Through the consultative selling strategy the company is able to get direct feedback from the customers that they would be consulting with. These feedbacks would be useful to improve its products. Telemarketing, on the other hand is another strategy that the company can use. However, telemarketing can be used as a way to increase awareness of the products but it is not advisable because using the telephone looks impersonal for the customer and it would be better for the company to address the customer face to face or through a product demonstration that telemarketing.
            Product demonstration is an important part of the Concept2 sales process. Concept2 needs to provide produce demonstration in order to show its clients that all its products are with quality and is very easy to use. In terms of demonstration the company handles this well. They are using the events that the company had sponsored to show that their product has quality.
Concept2 uses its website to provide important information to its clients in the indoor rowing experience. The company’s website had provided the features of the products and the comparison of its products to the customer. By providing information such as the comparison, the customers are able to judge what product they should buy. The company also shows what products must the client buy for each activity that they are involved in. Through this information the company benefits from the fact that the clients that they have are well-informed and there would be lesser questions from the clients because they are already informed through the website. A well-informed customer would be aware that the company is there to help them and provide information that they need so in return they would go back to the company for any advice and any products that they would buy.

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 The company uses its website to develop its relationship with customers. For first time users, the company has information on training and also how the client would use its products. An example of this is the training module provided in the website. It shows what muscle areas the customer must use. For the regular users, the company’s website provides information about the different events that has relevance to the use of rowing equipment. An example is the racing calendars and the area where the client can join in for individual or team competition.

Concept2 Rowing. 2008. Welcome to Concept2 Rowing. Retrieved last July 13, 2008. Website:

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