Competency 1 – Reflection

Competency 1 Reflection: Analyze the needs of organizations within a changing global business environment.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 500 words: 
The global business environment is constantly evolving based on the forces in the general and task environment. In order to sustain the company and maintain a competitive foothold, organization leaders must consistently analyze the global environment and adjust their strategy as needed. Managers play an important role in implementing strategies to achieve a company’s mission and goals.
Consider the four functions of management (e.g., planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). How would you characterize your current or past supervisor’s approach to management? Consider these questions in your response:

Which particular management tasks and roles does this person perform most often? 
What kinds of management skills does the manager have?
How does this approach affect a global environment? 

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Competency 1 – Reflection
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Now that you’ve considered the approaches to management, you can focus on the strategy that is affected by the management team. Research a company with stockholder reports available. These reports can usually be found on a company’s website. Use the report to answer the following questions:

What is (are) the main industry(ies) in which the company competes?
What business-level strategy does the company seem to be pursuing in this industry? Why?
What corporate-level strategies is the company pursuing? Why? 
Have there been any major changes in its strategy recently? Why?

Include citations in your response. 

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