comp Challenges in Business

Summarize your findings, including your scores for each Driver (energy, focus, speed, and challenge).
Evaluate the validity of this assessment, including whether you agree or disagree with the scores.
Explain how self-assessments such as the one you completed can help you “know [yourself] in terms of strengths and weaknesses” (Casse, 2014, p. 30).
Delineate the measures you will take to improve your leadership competencies.

In what ways has your colleague provided a thorough self-assessment based on the outcome?

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comp Challenges in Business
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In what ways could your colleague provide stronger evidence for or against the validity of his or her scores?
Based on your colleague’s self-assessment, what are some additional, specific suggestions you have for enhancing his or her leadership competencies?

In your response, consider both the content and clarity of writing. To support your assertions, provide appropriately cited references, either from this week’s Learning Resources or from your own research. Remember to balance positive feedback with constructive criticism where appropriate.

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