Community Health Issues

The top health concern(s) for your community. (COVID19, vaccinations,  substance abuse) Please focus your attention on the unique tools that nurses who work in the community utilize to care for populations, including the Intervention Wheel.Please listen to Dr. Attia’s Ted Talk in the resources for this week and then respond to the following questions: a top health issue in your community and describe some ways in which a nurse might improve this issue at the population level. Are the problems that your colleagues are sharing the same as you are seeing in your communities, or are they different? Help each other consider different aspects of intervention(s) at the system and community levels of care to address health problems in their own communities. Consider Dr. Attia’s profound message as you respond to your peers and think outside the box.Briefly describe your community and then describe your practice setting.What are the determinants of health in your community? ( are the most prevalent health problems in your community or in your practice?Choose a population at risk and describe the health problem specific to that population. Remember that you will have to define the population’s age, culture, religious beliefs, foods, and traditions eventually as your project progresses.

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Community Health Issues
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